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By Milagros Bello, Ph.D.

1.   How do you start your pieces? What material or process do you begin with? 

 I start with a rough idea, after dreams have occurred and some days have passed. Then I start creating free marks over canvas or paper. I love the accidents and surprises that emerge from these first free creations. When I capture an interesting shape, figure or detail, I concentrate on it and start delineating the composition, and adding texture and color.

2.   What materials do you prefer to use? Why and how do you select them?

 I work and experiment with different materials: acrylic, charcoal, modeling paste, gesso, paper, cloth, scrap iron pieces, and feathers. Each one of them has its own beauty; each one of them adds a different expression to my painting.

3.   Who has been the most important artist in your career, in terms of influence? How does he or she connect to your work?

There are many great masters that have served as an inspiration and reference to my work. Each one of them has left a legacy. It’s hard to name just one that is connected to my work. I would like to mention just a few names of artists and movements: The French Impressionists, Kandinsky, Motherwell and O’Harding.
In my latest iron oxide series, I feel a connection to the magnificent caves of Altamira and Lascaux, and to Egyptian and Pre- Columbian Art.

4.   I see a profusion of marks, sensual spots and fluid lines that delineate over your canvases. Are they connected to any meaning? Do they somehow involve an expression of specific concern?

Those imaginary marks are all an expression of the life experiences everyone goes through. They can create light or profound memories.  My use of liquids and colors create sensual spots and fluids that come out unconsciously. This is part of the mystery of our minds that work with the unseen forces of the subconscious.  I leave it to the spectator to interpret them.

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